My Beautiful Mom.

My mom will be walking me down the aisle on my wedding day.  She is such an amazing person, I feel lucky to have her in my life.

My Mom, Me and Grandma

My wonderful grandmother is flying in all the way from Europe to come to my wedding.  She also came to visit us with my mom last summer and we had such a blast- I also learned that I am still completely fluent in speaking Slovak!

Kevin's Parents and I on my 24th birthday!

These are Kevin's parents.  They are so amazing to us and have been so welcoming to me since I moved here.  I can't imagine having more supportive and loving in-laws- they are it!

Kevin's Sister, Karyn

Kevin's sister will be one of my BM's in the wedding.  She is so wonderful. We both LOVE Anne of Green Gables and plan to have a DVD marathon the next time she comes and visits (she lives in OK). 


This is my beautiful MOH Brianne.  We have been friends since our second last year of high school...sometimes I think we are the same person.  We have remained so close despite the distance between us, and we still end up buying the exact same clothes when we go shopping, even though we are thousands of miles away from eachother.  love her.


This is my gorgeous friend and BM Heather (the blonde in the center). She is the most positive and inspiring person I know.  Every time she sets a goal for herself, she succeeds and does it with a smile.  She always finds the positive in every situation and is always so supportive and generous.  I can't imagine my day without her by my side.


Candice is one of my BM's and I am so glad we met, because it was a complete fluke!  We were both at a book signing for one of our favorite authors (chick lit, of course) and we were standing in line and got to chatting...turns out she is from Canada too and was in Houston for just over a year (like me) working.  We totally hit it off and the very next weekend we were getting a mani/pedi together like we were longtime friends!  I can't imagine my life without her here in Houston!  I always joke that she is just like me, but blonde. She also happens to be stunning!


Todd and Ryan

Todd (far left) and Ryan (second from left) are 2 of Kevin's groomsmen.  They have all know each other since elementary school.


Jeff (far right) with his beautiful girlfriend Natalie, is one of Kevin's groomsmen. They have also known each other since high school.


Mark is one of Kevin's groomsmen.  All of the guys have grown up together :) This is him with his amazing girlfriend Lindsay.