My Wedding Gown- "Maeve" from the Vineyard Collection at Priscilla of Boston

I tried on many dresses and this is the one where I got "that feeling".  I felt like a bride!  I did try on dresses with more embellishments like lace, embroidery, crystals and jewels...but for some reason, they just didn't feel like "me" even though I tend to dress up in real life.  I wanted something simple, and elegant yet that still made a statement.  I got the dress in ivory though, I like the way it looks better with my skin tone.  I am also having the bow on the side removed...and replacing it with either a sparkly brooch or a flower or sash of some sort...not sure yet! The BM's will wear a black cocktail dress of their choice.  The dresses will be knee length and of a similar fabric, but other than that it is up to them.  I love the look of black BM dresses...very evening and elegant.

Designer Sketch of Dress

I love this pic. I found it on the Priscilla of Boston website.


I love the idea of doing a flower like this to replace the bow on my dress. I may have an etsy seller make me one.

The Dresses that didn't make the cut

Some were bad, some were gorgeous, but they just were not meant to be

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